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Mobile Billboards: Are They Worth The Investment?

The 21st century society may be a busy and high tech one, but businesses are still in the process of learning new, simple marketing strategies that help to reach their customers or audience. One of these is mobile billboards. You may have seen one driving home from work or running errands around town. A truck in the city center or a large scale advertisement in the back of a trailer is hard to notice if you pass near one. The strategy is so different and dissimilar to what people in a fast paced world are used to. It’s no wonder that it is becoming more and more popular.

A wide range of business enterprises are clamoring to get attention from customers using the same method. For those who are still new to the concept, there is a certain degree of uncertainty as they are not sure whether mobile billboards are worth the investment. To answer that question, we look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of billboard advertising.

Target specific areas

The number of areas that mobile advertising can target is perhaps the biggest and the most important benefit of this marketing strategy. With traditional billboards, their effectiveness can be overwhelmed by other billboards put near it and they can only be used in places where there is a billboard stand exists. This is not the case with mobile billboards can be placed anywhere, at any time you wish to. Trucks carrying the billboard can be driven through the neighborhoods of your target audience. They can also be parked at specific locations depending on your preferences. This gives full control over whom and when people see your billboard.

Cost savings

Compared to other advertising mediums like TV and Radio, mobile billboards offer a cost effective solution which still gets the attention you need from the target audience. This kind of solution is particularly important for businesses that are looking for marketing strategies that can save them money in an economy that is tough.

Control and flexibility

Conventional billboards do not offer the level of control or flexibility that mobile billboards do. They are stationary, and do not give much room for changing or adding a billboard. Mobile billboards, on the other hand, offer control and flexibility on a higher level. Businesses can change billboards, add new ones, start or even stop a campaign altogether. Having control over the campaign is important and for mobile billboards to be able to provide this is great for business.

They are more noticeable

We are used to seeing ads plastered on billboards along the highway, TV and even in print media. And don’t forget the sales pitches on radio. But all these are old techniques and being human, we like to see something that’s different. Mobile billboards are just that, and as such get more attention than the traditional advertising strategies that we are used to. They are a unique, and they offer an escape from the advertising clutter therefore giving you an edge over your competitors.

GPS tracking

Mobile billboard companies offer GPS tracking and as such, businesses can track the locations where their billboards have been.

Other advantages of mobile billboards include:

• They do not require much booking time for them to be set up

• They create a visual impact faster and more effectively

• They can be reused for a later date

Are there any disadvantages of mobile billboards?

Given the unique nature of mobile billboards, it’s really not easy to say whether there are disadvantages involved. Well, there’s that one where they can’t be placed at the top of Times Square, which is a game best left to the big companies. Ordinarily, however, some disadvantages that apply generally to billboards, sometimes apply to mobile billboards as well. These include:

• They require long term commitment

Billboard companies require companies to enter into contracts covering a minimal amount of time. This is mainly due to the fact that mobile billboards require a lot of time, money and energy before the utmost ad design can be settled upon. As such, they may not be so reliable for businesses that change their campaigns frequently.

• Must be brief

The average person will spend less than ten seconds looking at a billboard. This means that businesses have to keep their messages short, brief and precise if they want the message to pass onto the onlookers.

So, are they worth the investment?

Definitely. Given what has been discussed above, it’s safe to conclude that the benefits of mobile advertising outweigh their disadvantages and it’s all because it is a unique marketing strategy. So what are you waiting for? Use mobile billboards for your campaign and let it stand out from those of your competitors. After all, what more could you need from a marketing strategy other than flexibility, cost effectiveness and the capability to make a positive impact on your consumers?

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